About Novra Group



Novra Group is an international technology provider of products, systems, and services for the distribution of broadband multimedia content via satellite and hybrid networks. We design, manufacture, install, and support high quality solutions for secure and reliable delivery of digital content. Our valued customers include the world's premier broadcasters and service providers, as well as government (military and civilian applications) and enterprise networks. In addition to our core video, radio and data products, other areas of expertise and added value we provide include: system design and integration in complex environments, encryption and cybersecurity, next-generation hybrid networks (satellite/terrestrial/cloud), and efficient bandwidth utilization.

The parent of the Novra Group is a public company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol: NVI. Our corporate headquarters is based in Winnipeg, Canada.

Principal Products

  • Satellite receivers (DVB and ATSC)
  • NovraLink Digital Signage platform
  • STAR and ProAudio lines of professional audio products
  • MISTiQ hybrid satellite/terrestrial/cloud distribution networks
  • Datacast XD content distribution network (file broadcast) software
  • CypherCast conditional access system


Harris Liontas, CEO

Harris Liontas is and has been the CEO of Novra Technologies Inc. since June of 2002 and a director of Novra since its inception as well as co-founder and Chairman of InfoMagnetics Technologies Corporation (IMT). IMT, founded in 1992, is a Canadian R&D company with two core business units—Information Systems, and Research in Electromagnetics and wireless communications. Novra was launched as a spin-off from IMT in 2000.

Harris’ entrepreneurial success, drive and leadership is a product of his experience as a Software Developer; Computer Science Lecturer/ Course Director at the University of Manitoba; Head of the Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Department (Manitoba Research Council); Research Officer for the Canadian Institute of Industrial Technologies and as Group Manager in the areas of Software Engineering, Expert Systems, Image Processing and Computer Networks at the National Research Council.

Before becoming CEO of Novra, Harris spent more than 20 years providing high-level consulting services and strategic direction for top executives of numerous National Corporations, Government departments and the Canadian Military.

Harris achieved his B.Sc (Honours) and M.Sc. in Computer Science at the University of Manitoba and has more than three decades of extensive expertise in management and software engineering.

Rodney Allan, President

Rodney Allan was promoted to President of the Novra Group on January 25, 2024

Patricia Gair, COO

Patricia Gair is an experienced executive with extensive background in operations, accounting and engineering. She has previously served as Novra's COO, CFO and Director of Operations. Prior to joining Novra in 2001, she held leadership and technical positions in manufacturing, engineering, software development, IT, quality assurance, and service delivery at several organizations, including IBM Canada, Infocorp Computer Solutions and Continental Healthcare. Ms. Gair is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA, CMA) and holds a Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) from the University of Manitoba.

Diana Cantú, VP Sales & Marketing

Diana Cantú joined the Novra Group in 2016 after having previously worked at International Datacasting for more than ten years developing its Latin America market and later leading IDC’s work in the United States and the Americas region. She was instrumental in growing IDC’s business in digital cinema, IPTV, broadcast radio and television, distance learning and government applications. She also brings extensive experience in business development and marketing for other organizations within this and adjacent markets. She is the chair of the board of Directors of ArtEngine (presenters of Canada’s MakerFaire) and a director on the board of National Capital Freenet.

Gordon Sawatzky, Senior Technical Director

Gordon Sawatzky is an experienced communications technology and IT solutions expert with extensive background in research, development and engineering. Gordon has fulfilled all of these roles in the development of Novra's products and solutions. Prior to joining Novra in 2000, he held leadership and technical positions in engineering, software development, IT, quality assurance, and service delivery at IMT Canada. Prior to that Gordon worked as a Research Officer at the National Research Council of Canada. Gordon holds a Master of Science (Electrical Engineering) from the University of Manitoba.